What I’m up to NOW

Yes, I’m a real person, and I have a few other things going on besides this website. Here’s the current state of affairs.



  1. Designing websites (latest project here and here), building membership sections and courses, and offering other online support for various clients. Get in touch if you want to discuss something.
  2. Recording audiobooks for self-published authorsarticles for online writers, and have started The Audiobook Club.
  3. Continuing to run the 30 Day Meditation Challenge eCourse, which is free (join now!).
  4. Teaching “Videos in One Take” to online entrepreneurs—how to be more confident, clear, and comfortable on camera (where you are now). I have a course for this as well. [The shape of VIOT will be changing in the near future.]
  5. Created a Shakespeare video project, and may continue producing these:



  • I’m a text/verse coach for a teenager production of Henry V with Fury Theatre in Chicago(Jan-March, 2017)
  • Will produce three episodes of a podcast about classical theatre, to see how it goes and if I like it. (Second quarter of 2017)
  • Planning to create eBook and audio versions of the Meditation Course (First half of 2017).



  • Brainstorming a guide to help people learn more about and earn the Southwest Companion Pass (to me, one of the best and possibly least known about airline perk)
  • Developing small travel tours to Panama or Belize



  • Based more in Hyde Park, Chicago and seeing as many live and cultural things as possible.
  • Still taking several trips each year. Upcoming: Austin, TX (March 2017—after SXSW).



  1. Meditating daily (since 5/20/2010) and exercising regularly (Sworkit, tai chi, yoga, strength, flexibility, balance, inverted wall-assisted push-ups).
  2. Getting back into reading: recently completed One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez (slow-going, but overall very enjoyable), Open by Andre Agassi (intriguing look behind-the-scenes), The Time Machine by HG Wells (fascinating!) and The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafón (really engaging!). Follow my list here.
  3. Documentaries and Netflix: re-watching Frasier and, most recently, Cooked, and Chef’s Table. I also highly recommend The Great British Baking Show (delightful, beautiful, and engaging). Are you seeing a trend here? Other seasons recently completed: Westworld and Santa Clarita Diet
  4. Cooking. Lots of cooking. It’s actually one way I can really zone out and enjoy myself. And I just started baking bread after watching several season of the British Bake-off (mentioned above, available on YouTube and Netflix), and making pizza in a brick oven in the middle of the jungle!
  5. Playing the ukulele.



I love hearing stories, sharing stories, and discovering. If there’s any kind of through-line to me, that’s it.

I’m thinking about how STORYTELLING is a central theme of my life, and how my work might all connect to it—brainstorming possible avenues of creation.

I have the complete opposite problem of someone who “doesn’t know what to do”—I get equally exhausted and exhilarated from just reading this list. I enjoy doing many things, and I know I’m bored with repetitive tasks, so perhaps I look for ways to keep it interesting for myself.

I feel I’m still looking for the “thing” (or things) that really catches traction/momentum with myself and others—and it’d be nice if that paid the bills, too. At the moment, the audio work seems to be closest.

I’m also working on *not* being triggered by “being told what to do,” or feeling like my sense of freedom is disappearing. 99% of the time, this is just my mind at work, and my perception of what I believe to be happening. Not easy to ignore, and really easy for me to lose my cool. 🙂



Apparently, quite a bit of theatre…

  • Directed a reading of Bertolt Brecht’s The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui (November 2016)
  • Helped with the publicity, dramaturgy, and text work (verse coaching) for Christopher Fry’s The Lady’s Not for Burning (October/November 2016)
  • Acted in two Noel Coward plays for a staged reading (October 2016)
  • TRAVEL (in 2016): Belize; London; a month in Spain (Granada, Barcelona, Madrid, Basque Country, Salamanca); five weeks in Panama City (including Bocas Del Toro); two weeks offline in Alaska (Denali and Kenai); Montreal and Massachusetts; camping in Lake Tahoe; hiking/exploring in Denver and Boulder, CO; vacation with family in Ft. Lauderdale, Key West, Tampa, Gainesville, Tallahassee, and Orlando, FL
  • Re-designed the Hyde Park Community Players’ website!


Not doing:



What is this all about?

Updated: March 9, 2017 from Evanston, Chicago